Sunday, December 26, 2010

"A Witty Saying Proves Nothing"

More Toys For Moi?!?!
“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”

My Second Christmas!

Christmas is so fun! and this one was just as awesome as my first Christmas! I already got a couple presents early because I needed them, like my jacket and my orthopedic mattress. I didn't get too many toys this year because I pretty much have them all. I mean, my toy box is as big as me, and it overflows with toys.
  The first thing I did was find the two yummy goodness treats that Mamma hid, of course. I got books that Mamma will read to me that will teach me how to do tricks! She wants to teach me to get a beer out of the fridge, and I wanna learn to make her get a treat out of the cabinet.

I got another interactive toy called Dog Magic by Nina Ottosson. Mamma has to hide a cookie under one of the bones and I have to find it. I've done it every time so far! This is supposed to be the beginner one of all of Nina's toys so now I can try a harder one. Mamma likes to give me interactive toys. She hopes that if she fills them up with treats or peanut butter, I'll play with them while she's at the shelter everyday, but I usually don't. I just wait by the window for Mamma to come home, and recently I began licking my foot till it's raw. I've developed a little case of separation anxiety.

One of my presents from my Gramma are these really cool collars that are supposed to help with that. They are infused with Lavender and Chamomile (and totally safe) to help make me feel calm. I don't yet know how well they work because Mamma hasn't left me home alone yet, but I totally smell delicious.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas too!

Light and Love and Belly Rubs!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear My Mamma,

   I know you have been really busy, and sometimes you are tired. I know you have a really hard job and it weighs heavy on your heart. I know Sunday is your only day off and you want to get a lot of stuff done. I know it's supposed to rain for most of the day. But can we please please please have a Lucca Dog Day?

I promise to behave like woah!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

We would've called her Haven

  Welp, my Mamma is back at her old job that doesn't pay her any monies everyday, well six days a week actually. She has designated work clothes that she only wears there and she takes them off the moment she gets home, but I still get a couple sniffs of her when she first comes home. I usually wiggle my nub a million miles an hour when I do this, partly because I'm happy she's home, and partly because she smells like other doggies.

We both wanted all of Dolly's attention like woah.
  One of the other doggies that I smell on her is named Ruby. She has only been at the shelter for three weeks, including two weeks in quarantine where they stay so their Mommies can find them, but she has lost a real lot of weight, Like twenty pounds because she is so stressed at that place. My Ma calls her a couch potato and says that Ruby just likes to lay on her lap a lot. She spends alot of time with her every day.
  Well, Mamma thought Ruby should be my sister so I went to her work with her and met this Ruby dog. My Ma's friend Dolly took Ruby out of her kennel, and we met each other. We did good on the leash so we went into the run to play and frolick together.
  I didn't like the generic treats that the shelter has cuz I'm used to the good stuff so I politely dropped my treat in front of Ruby and let her have it. She snatched it right up cuz she's too skinny and doesn't know about organic blueberry and pumpkin treats yet. We had one scuffle (that I started) but it was over real fast and Ruby forgave me.
   Mamma decided that I need help still on my manners, but I would come back the next day and every day until she was comfortable with bringing Ruby home. We went for a walk together and then Mamma brought me home and then went back to work. She loves Ruby very very much so she talked to me about her and told me that it's not my decision and she is embarrassed by my behavior sometimes which made me feel bad so I said I would behave but it might take me a little time.
  Unfortunately, Mamma's boss tested Ruby with cats and she totally failed. Mamma had a dream a couple days before she met Ruby that her friend Kevin came to see her with a big, huge red pit bull and he bit Punkinhead, so Mamma made the decision that Ruby would not be my sibling. I was kinda looking forward to a playmate.
   So in the meantime, Mamma tells anyone who will listen that Ruby is a wonderful dog and a lap dog/couch potato that really needs a furever home with a couch, and she still comes home smelling like her. I'll still go to work with Mamma sometimes and meet other dogs, maybe even play with Ruby again. I will continue to work on my manners, and when the right dog comes along I will (hopefully) be ready to share my toys and my Mom. I hope Ruby finds a home with a couch real soon, because even though I had an attitude with her she was really nice. I just don't like when Mamma gives other people attention. I'm working on it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I am Thankful for

There's a lot of thankful talk going on today, so I thought I'd share.
Here's just a few of them.

  I am thankful for My Mamma and my entire family, even my crazy cousins Poppy and Sammie.
  I am thankful for raw hide bones, especially the flavorful ones.
  I am thankful for all my Aunties and Uncles that I love very much.
  I am thankful for all my toys, so many toys that I don't think I've even played with every single one of them yet.
  I am thankful for belly rubs, and butt rubs.
  I am thankful for dry leafs on the ground that I get to run through.
  I am thankful for not taking bathes.
  I am thankful for yummy goodness treats, and am very NOT thankful for diets.
  I am thankful for fuzzy blankets, and under the cover nap times.
  I am thankful for naps.
  I am thankful for walks at night when the wind's blowing, and smells are everywhere.
  and I am thankful for You! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lucca, LOOK!

   Welp, I have been practicing my commands every day, but today was the day that I go see my Auntie Tiffy and the kiddies and practice with them. I has a boy Tommy who is so good, because he loves me to death, even when I act crazy. He knows that I just want to play, but I just don't know how to ask. I think that's very smart for a kid. He was my sister Chino's favourite kid too.
   I practiced "look" all week, actually for a couple weeks I think, and I'm getting the hang of it. From now on when I get distracted or start to focus on something that's gonna make me crazy, Mamma says "Lucca, LOOK!" and I look at her face and away from whatever is tempting me to misbehave. We practiced today with real distractions and I did pretty good.
   The one time I was really bad was when Tommy was playing with his sister and I charged in there like it was my game and demanded a turn. I had to sit in time out for that. I couldn't see anybody but Mamma and her back was to me which made me very sad. Tommy was very forgiving, and after I was done with time out he got a couple yummy goodness treats and told me to sit, and then lay down, and he gave them to me. He even snuck me a fruit loop or ten.
   My biggest problem is that I don't realize how much bigness I have, and I don't understand why it's so bad to use my mouth when I play! I'm not gonna bite! I'm just wanting to move your hand to where I want you to pet me or something, but Mamma tells me that is very bad. I don't want to do something bad. Time out is the worst thing ever.
   So we will keep practicing until I get it right. A behaviorist that Mamma works with says that I think I'm in charge now. I don't know, I listen real fast to Mamma. I hate to get yelled at. The good news is that I am Super treat motivated, so all this learning is fun for me because there are goodies involved.
   I'm trying so hard not to be a bully. I just need a little time to understand your language!
Well all that excitement has me pooped! I'm going to go snore my asses off for the rest of the evening!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I haven't had my typer around lately!

   My Mamma is usually the person who types for me. She tells you all what I want to say, as I dictate. Lately though she is acting old. She goes to sleep early the past few weeks, which is fine by me really. I love to take up all the entire space in bed and steal every last inch of the blankets. Some Sundays when it's rainy out my Mamma will grab a book and coffee and get into bed to read and I love that very much. Like VERY much. It might be my favourite thing to do on rainy Sunday mornings.
   Also too, Mamma has gone back to her old job that doesn't pay her anything. It's at a place where doggies who don't have any Mommies live, until they find their Mommies. It's like the place where I used to live before Mamma found me. She stopped going there after she lost Chino and Rosie because it became too sad of a place for her to be. It's actually my Auntie Shirwee's fault; Mamma went to look at a cat that Auntie was interested in, and now she's been there every day since. She says she was "sucked back in" which reminds me of those green planter warp things from Super Mario Brothers. It's okay really, because I get to practice staying home alone, which I don't have much experience with. I get a treat right before she leaves and she tells me she is going to take care of the homeless puppies, and then I get a treat when she gets back. The best part is I get to smell her and she smells like rad, big-headed puppies, and sometimes boy puppies. That's my favourite.
   I have a couple things that I want to brog about and tell you about, but for now I think I will just reassure you that I will be back to talk about that other stuff soon. I just had a wonderful walk and so now I'm all laid out on my new Memory Foam goodness bed that serves all my orthopedic needs. My Auntie Kimmy put a bunch of leafs on the ground for me because she knows I love to romp through them, so I had a lot of fun doing that. I stare down those leafs and tackle them like a crackhead. It's also a very windy evening so there were smells blowing all over the place which I love to run after. Sometimes I misbehave and zig-zag and backtrack all suddenly and almost trip my Mamma but that's only because I'm so very excited!
This is me on my memory foam bed ON my coolaroo bed. 
That's like memory foam in a hammock for humans! Imagine how rad that would be!
(Early Christmas present, btw)
      So, besides being a bad dog today, I was also a bad dog a couple days ago so Mamma and I have started to re-educate me and I have to practice my commands every day. Some of them I already know, but some of them are new. Mamma tells me "look" is very useful with one of the dogs at the shelter that she cheats on me with, so we're really working on that one the most. It will help when I lose focus and start to act like a mad (wo)man.
   Welp, for the rest of the evening I think I will just snooze with Mamma who doesn't feel too well. (I love when she doesn't feel well because then I get to sprawl all over her all the live long day!) We're gonna watch a movie which is rad because even though I can't actually see the movie, I get to lay on her lap and that's my favourite.
   I promise I will come back soon to brog about things and tell you all my stories.

Light and Love and Belly Rubs!
<3 Lucca

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello all my new friends!
It's very nice to meet you.

Light and love and belly rubs.
  <3 Lucca

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I LUBS tomatoes!!!

   Every time I have a breakfast or din-din my Mamma throws some extra something in there for vitamins. Sometimes it's chick peas or apples, and sometimes zucchini even. But my favourite is tomatoes. I don't start eating until Ma says "Mangia!". I wait until I know everything she's gonna give me is in there, but when it's tomatoes I dive right in. Even before my kibble is there. If you wanted to feed me just tomatoes I'd probably be very happy with that.
  Anyway, Mamma and me are making sauce right now so I smell all sorts of delicious tomato smells and it's driving me bananas!  I cannot understand why she would torture me like this. I had a tiny piece of italian bread with sauce on it before and that just teased me.
No. Fair.
That smell is tantalizing and I am currently dripping all over the place. It literally makes my mouth water just smelling it. Maybe if I make a big enough mess and yell about it long enough Mamma will let me have a bowl of it. A whole bowl of tomato goodness. Oh boy! I am licking my lips for real right now. Like woah licking my lips.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Just Say No To

  Cephalexin. From now on Mamma is never letting me take that crap ever again. One night I took my full dose, which I was supposed to take twice a day (but that just seemed like a REAL lot) for the skin and ear infection I got from scratching at my allergies. That night when I took it I started panting like mad, and I'm not really a panter. Some dogs just pant sometimes, like when they're happy. Chino did that, but I only pant when I'm hot. Mamma felt my head and I felt very hot, so she rubbed my face with a wet washcloth and I felt better. The only thing I wanted to do was gnaw the shit out of one of my bones, so I did. I wanted to do it in bed, so Mamma let me, even though I'm not usually allowed. I leave huge streaks of bone spooge everywhere. It's gross and a real bitch to clean.
 (Here I am on Ma's Egyptian carpet, making a mess.)
 (Do you see the mess on my paws?)

Mamma had to clean the whole entire bed the next morning. All the blankets and sheets, some pillows, and even my arm! But that was okay because I felt better and that's all that really matters. My skin is all better now. I still have some hair that needs to grow back, and I have ointment medicine if I need it, but I'm like a million times better. My ears don't hurt any more, and I actually kinda like having them cleaned with the blue stuff.
   Welp, right now I'm gnawing the crap out of another bone, and enjoying it very much. I have a basket full of bones that I only half ate, but then I wanted another. So I thought, since I'm not getting a new one no matter how hard/loud I ask, I'll have to make due with a partially destroyed one. Fine, whatever. I'm on the freshly vacuumed carpet making a mess again. Maybe that'll show her.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I feels like I has the flu :(

   This is what my eye has looked like for a couple days, and you can see a little bit of what I did to my ear the other day.
I'm part Chinese Shar Pei and we have really watery eyes, so my allergies just got out of control real fast and that's what happened.
  Mamma had a couple appointments the other day and I decided I was going to practice being a big girl and I stayed home alone, I usually go stay at someone's house. Preferably my Nonna's house where Sammie is. I have a soothing playlist that Mamma plays with Beethoven, Clint Mansell, Michael Giacchino and other beautiful music that she hopes keeps me relaxed. I like that music alot, but the other day I think it was a mixture of me missing Mamma while she was at the VA and my allergies, and so I just tore my ear up. I ended up with a skin infection around my eyes and an ear infection.
  We made an emergency appointment on Friday morning and I went to the Vet Doctor's house. There was a  cockatiel  there and all she said was "Hello Pearl" so we tried to teach her to say "Leave the gun, take the canollis" but we didn't have enough time. So, the Vet Doctor gave me a bunch of medicines and Mamma gave me about a half a dose yesterday, and then for breakfast and dinner today.
   I am feeling SO much better! Mostly I just slept all day. In the morning after breakfast, I went back to sleep in Mamma's bed which I normally never do. I slept till 9:00 in the bedroom and then I came and slept on my bed for a bit. All day I have been giving turns to Mamma's bed, my bed, the couch, and also the carpet. I am just enjoying my dreams and letting my body heal itself.
   If you are looking for me, this is probably where you'll find me. I'm catching up on my beauty sleep and healing myself so that tomorrow I can go play with my friend Poppy. I already feel ten frillion times better, and my skin does too! I hope tomorrow I feel good enough to PLAY IN THE SNOW!!! Oh, too early for snow? Well damn because I love snow.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gobble gobble. Gobble gobble gobble.

   Welp, unfortunately I do not have the photos of awesomeness to prove it, but I saw something AMAZING!
 Mamma and I were house sitting over the weekend, and on Thursday morning I was sitting by the screen door just watching like I love to do (Mamma loves to people watch too. I loves to squirrel and other rodent-type-things watch). All of a sudden! An entire family of turkeys came running through the yard! They scooted all funny like and hopped a bit. Mamma didn't run upstairs for her camera and take pics because she thought they would be back everyday. Unfortunately they were not. I got so excited that I ran into the screen door!
   I also love them because they said Gobble Gobble. They were obviously quoting Laura Palmer, so I love them because I am a "Peaker". I am the muffin. Maybe next time we see them we will get to meet them and I think they would love to play with me. I'm thinking TAG!

  Welp, after all the turkey craziness I tried to lay in Sammie's bed downstairs. I tried so hard, but struggled. I mean I'm 83 pounds and he's less than ten! Mamma laughed so hard and brought the mini doggie bed upstairs so if I tried again she could take a photograph. When I sat in it, Mamma laughed real loud! Well, look:

   I look so cute in that tiny bed that I could never fit in! Well now, I didn't like being laughed at so I made sure to show her just what I was capable of:
 I did it! I mean, I had mad chairs and an entire couch if I wanted it, but I wanted to stay near my Mamma! The only things that leak over the edge are my nub and jowls, so technically I fit! At one point Sammie tried to come and cuddle with me, but he would have had to cuddle ON me so I politely asked him not to. We ended up cuddling together, sort of, once we went to Good-Night-Sleep-Tight time. I slept in the crook of Mamma's knees like I always do and he is a silly ass, so he slept on her shoulder!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Every. Single. Night.

There's something Mamma has said to me every night since I came home. Even before I broke out of my shell and let her know that I was so special. She has always told me one thing at night time:
'I love you and I appreciate you.'
She began doing this because she said there are a million things she didn't do right, or could have done better with Chino and wishes she had done different.  The happy part is that she feels like Cheen lives all over again by doing all those things 'the right way'
I think Mamma wanted to feel that I was Chino reincarnated at first, but that obviously cannot be. Right now we are very content to just know that she brought us together. In knowing that, we know that I share a little part of her. 
'I love you and I appreciate you'
*sometimes I wink at Mamma after she says that... and she winks back!!*

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Dog Suit

   Whoever I am inside my dog suit, and whoever my Mamma is inside her people suit, have definitely been together a really really long time. I wonder if some psychic could tell us how we've known each other in our past lives. I love being with her, and I go crazy when she's not here! I wonder what I was like before I adopted her. She was totally meant to be my Mom. This is how we met:
   My big sisters Chino and Rosie died six, and five months before Ma accidentally found me. My Mamma was so sad she said she would never get another dog ever again. One of my Aunties and her husband wanted to buy my Ma a puppy as a present, but Mamma said uh-uh. She was grateful, but no thank you. Mamma said the only way she would ever get another dogger is if she found a black, female, grown up boxer at the shelter. That was kinda a joke, because Ma thought that was impossible. Welp, she put that energy out there and the Universe heard her. The Universe must like her a lot.
   One Friday night (April 11th, my birthday) Mamma was on the phone with one of her friends and they were looking at craigslist together, looking for lawn furniture and garden stuff. She doesn't remember what the title of the post was, but when she opened it she saw me. I was super skinny and I looked scared, but I has my sister Chino's eyes so when Mamma found me she started to cry. She's a big baby like that anyway. My auntie found it online too and said "Well, looks like you found your black boxer". It was Friday at night time, so Mamma figured she would have to wait till Monday to call about me. She asked the Universe all weekend long to please let me still be there. Usually when she asks for something she always says "if it's meant to be" but she knew she was meant to be my Mom so she left that part out. She asked my auntie if she'd take a ride almost 100 miles away to meet me, auntie said sure.
   On Monday morning Mamma called Sean Casey Animal Rescue and talked to Sean. He said I was found in Harlem in December (the 13th actually. 4 months earlier!). I had just had puppies, but they weren't with me. (We look for them on petfinder from time to time)  I'm sure they're all doing just fine though. I was about three years old, and my name was Lucy. Mamma's only other question was "is she good with cats?" He said they'd check later that day and asked me to call back. When Mamma called back she spoke to Charles who tested me while Mamma was on the phone, and I did fine. He then said a bunch of other great things about me, and noted my awesomeness. Mamma said she'd be there on Wednesday to meet me (April 16th, my gotchya day).
   When Mamma first saw me she totally fell in love. Charles asked if she wanted to walk me, so we went around the block and I immediately made Ma laugh because I peed right on the sidewalk, I didn't even need grass. I'm from Brooklyn. Then I scaled a wall, a couple of em actually. Mamma laughed some more, and that's it. I was hers.
   I really loved Charles. I mean the way I smiled at him was like I was trying to flirt with him. Before we went on our walk he said he wanted to see me do my "trick" one last time so I jumped into the second story kennel that was mine, about 3+ feet off the ground. He thought that was real cool. Him and Sean picked up a very very skinny Ma and her puppies while we were on our walk, so they were at the vet with the Mom when we got back. We waited a while for him to get back so I could say goodbye to him but I didn't get to. I kept looking around for him though. I do send him updates and cards though, so I hope he knows how awesome I'm doing. Mamma put Chino's collar on me, and we went home.
   My first night home Mamma put Chino's bed right next to the couch where she slept so I wouldn't get scared. She didn't know if I wanted to sleep in bed with her yet. Now I'm a notorious bed hog. I played with Chino's toys that Mamma kept for a little bit, and then went straight to sleep. The next morning, after breakfast time and pees, I got on the couch with her and slept on her lap. We were instant buddies. Right away I became very very protective of her. I'm a little better about that now, but if I'm sleeping on her lap and you come too close I'll go Cujo on you. And if we have a slumber party somewhere and Mamma is asleep, with me usually in the crook of her knees, you can't come anywhere near her. I protect the hell out of her.
   I was a bit timid at first with other people, still am sometimes. Women made me nervous at first, but I took to men just fine. Some things still freak me out, I'm afraid of towels. But I turned out pretty good. I have excellent manners most of the time. I still beg a lot sometimes, but Mamma understands because that's the only way I got any food when I was homeless. I learn tricks real fast, when I first came home I couldn't even catch a treat. It would end up just bouncing off my face. Now I know a plethora of tricks and do them often. And I can catch a ball or frisbee or snowball (<---my favourite thing to catch) in my mouth!
  We make a great team, I love to be spoiled and she loves to spoil me.
   Anyway, that's the story of my dog suit.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Uncle Sammie

   Welp, sometimes I misses my boyfriend Mach. Just for a little bit, then I send him light and love, and say something nice to him, then let it go. I know (Hope!) he's okay all the time. Lately I have been meeting a lot of new puppy dogs and making lots of buddies, but I haven't felt like I have a best friend. I play with my Poppy a lot, but she's a goof. She's a lab, so you know what I mean by goof... Idiot. That's what I mean. I has a lot of cousins that moved away recently, to Minnesota.  Then I have a lot of other cousins who are mini-dogs.
   I have recently found a new appreciation for my Uncle Sam. He was a good friend of Chino's too, but it took them a while to become best friends. The other day I went to see him and he was outside on the deck with my (great great great?) Auntie. He screamed like woah, and scratched on the window to come in when he saw I was there. When Mamma let him in we chased eachother for a long time. That bastard always wins.
   I guess I had to lose something to realize what I had.
   I love ALL my doggies, but Uncle Sam is my buddy. I love him very much.
   Sometimes we go to Uncle Sammie's house just to grab him and bring him on a walk with me. He doesn't normally walk w/o us so when we do go out, he is F*ing crazy. Sometimes he jumps off my head, mid-walk, which is totally like woah. That is 51-50 behavior if you ask me. 

   We play all the time, as of late. He is a bastard to play with because that B* always wins in race, but he is very cool. When Mamma gets the toybox he always gets my favourite first, and brings it over to me before he gets one to play with for himself.
   We are like Benny and the Jets. Mutt and Jeff. Bonny and Clyde. Ebony and Ivory. All sorts of ironies, but he's my bud. I <3 my Uncle Sam.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

numero quattro


    My Mamma and my Auntie Shirwee (My favourite visitor ever!) went to see a lame movie tonight, so I stayed home alone. I am getting much better at staying home, but it takes a wicked amount of energy away from me. Ma does not have a hidden camera or anything but she just knows what I do: I sit by the window and watch the driveway the whole entire time. The WHOLE time! I usually get treats of some kind before Mamma leaves, but I never touch them until she gets home. When she finally comes back home (Finally!) I usually do ballerina dances all over the place, and some times I Ninja kick her, and then I do not let her leave my sight (If she has to pee, I watch her so to make sure she's not gonna sneak out the window or something). When she gets back from leaving home I am pooped like woah. 

This may be a yawn, or it may be me belting out a Frank Sinatra song. You be the judge.

  Tonight, while my Mamma was finishing folding clothes on her bed, I decided it was totally bedtime (I had been driving myself crazy all the live long day, I's pooped! Understandably), so I jumped in and began my moshing of the bed so to make myself as comfortable as possible.
   At one time she left the room to go and fix a ring of hers that she loves so much, and she foolishly broke, and when she came back she found this hot mess of cuteness. (Which will not show because there is a hot mess of problems happening on this place)
   What can I say? I ooze adorable.
  Auntie Shirwee was mad late today because she stopped somewhere to buy stupid stuff, AKA Non dog treats, so I did not get to see her and mushes with her. But I did warn her that I would be blogging about her continuing to not read my blog. This is, if I'm not mistaken, the fourth time she has not read my blog-about-Auntie-Shirley. That's okay though, because I lubs her.
  I just hope next time she brings me a treat of some sort, because I am so deprived of treats. In fact, I think I may be losing weight cuz I'm so hungry.

   Welp friends, I am currently snoring my asses off and dreaming wonderful dreams. 
Light and Love and Belly-rubs.
<3 Lucca dog

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mornin Sunshine!

    So, my Mamma says this is her favourite thing to wake up to. Sometimes she wakes up with my other end in her face, which is equally as beautiful, but not the nicest image to see first thing upon waking. Most of the time, I wait till Mamma wakes up before I start to slink off the bed, but the other day I was hungry so I tried to wake her up. I meant to be gentle, but I impaled her nose and left a lot of blood. I need my nails cut, like woah. Mamma wasn't mad at all, she just made me promise to let the vet doctor cut my toe nails. hmph.


Butt for now, Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The 10 Canine Commandments

The 10 Canine Commandments
Author unknown

1. My life is likely to last ten to fifteen years. Any separation from
you will be painful for me.

2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.

3. Place your trust in me - it's crucial for my well-being.

4. Don't be angry at me for long, and don't lock me up as punishment.
You have your work, your entertainment and your friends. I have
only you.

5. Talk to me sometimes. Even if I don't understand your words, I
understand your voice when it's speaking to me.

6. Be aware of however you treat me, I'll never forget it.

7. Remember before you hit me that I have teeth that could easily
crush the bones in your hands, but that I choose not to bite you.

8. Before you scold me for being uncooperative, obstinate or lazy,
ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I'm not
getting the right food, or I've been out in the sun or in the cold too
long, or my heart is getting old and weak.

9. Take care of me when I get old. You too, will grow old.

10. Go with me on difficult journeys. Never say: 'I can't bear to watch
it', 'let it happen in my absence' or 'I am tired of you'. Everything is
easier for me if you are there. 

Remember, I love you.

Hovercraft Dogs


My awesomeness is enough to keep us both afloat.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My sister

   So my Mamma is casually looking for a sister for me. There was one dog, Louise, at a shelter in NY in the Hamptons that Mamma saw that looked just like me! We actually thought is one of my puppies that I had before Sean Casey Animal Rescue found me. Just like when Mamma found me, she just knew that she should come live with us. Unfortunately, Louise had an application out on her, and got adopted the next day. That's okay though, cuz Ma just asked the Universe to make sure she goes where she was meant to be. If it's not here, she's cool with that.
   We have decided that I would really benefit from a playmate. I miss playing with my boyfriend Mach, but I don't have very many other dogs in the family, 'cept for Poppy. Dr. Marbles and Max just moved away, and all the others are little sized.  I don't like the dog park on account of all the barking either, and our not-officially-dog-park-but-still-kinda-a-dog-park, Edgerton, has mainly little dogs.. I think we would be great partners-in-crime, err, I mean we could learn from eachother. I will be a great big sister.
   So, in looking for a new sister we have each made a list of pluses. Our lists are not quit the same, but close.

Mamma's List:
1. My sister should like water, so that hopefully I will learn not to hate it so much. Ma is a double Pisces and loves the water almost as much as me, so it's not so fun for her when I hate the beach and don't enjoy traipsing through lakes and stuff.
2. My sister should be as big as, or bigger than me. I play much better with big dogs. I like to herd and bark my asses off, and I box  a lot. Smaller dogs sometimes get scurred.
3. My sister should have to be phenomenal with kids, because I have tons. Sometimes I forget my bigness and knock a kid down (I'm sorry, It's happened once or twice, but I get SO excited!), but I'm learning from my mistakes and I work really hard on being gentle.
4. My sister has to be very well behaved around potential treat opportunities and meal times because Mamma will be very unhappy if we argue over food.
5. My sister should love to chase balls and sticks because that is one of my favourite park and yard activities. She must share well, and a plus would be if she and I both carried a stick together because that is super cute.
6. My sister should love to sleep in bed with us, and nap on Mamma's lap with me because she thinks 90lb lap dogs are just the sweetest thing on the planet.
7. My sister should be good in car rides, and off the leash on hikes because we do a lot of those.

Lucca's List:
1. My sister should hate water. It is a wet, vile creation, and I need support in showing Mamma how much I hate it. Maybe then she will realize how dumb water is.
2. My sister should be no bigger than me because I am Alpha Female. If she is bigger than I am, then she may get some sort of deranged  power trip every so often and act all crazy like.
3. My sister should be such a big goofy oaf that she has to stay home when I go visit my kids.
4. My sister should be on a perpetual diet, and always leave some food in her dish after we eat.
5. My sister should be slower than me when retrieving sticks and balls while we play in the park or yard.
6. My sister should like to sleep on the floor.
7. My sister should like the back seat only, and understand that I am a leader, not a follower so she needs to stay behind me on nature walks.

   When we find her, we'll just know. She will probably find us. I will be a great big sister to her, whoever she is.

 (This is what my almost sister Louise looked like)


Herro new friends. 
I hope you enjoy my adventures.
I will try to do as many awesome things as I can and share them with you!
Light and Love and Belly-rubs,
<3 Lucca

Part deux

But new ones taste better

I am begging Ma for a new crunch bone, eventhough I has tons that I hide in my toybox. How Many? you say. This manies:
   But I would still appreciate a new unscathed one. It's like Dubble Bubble gum. Totally delicious for a minute, but then I need a new one to continue the flavour goodness.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My original song for Super Chicken!

This is me singing Happy Birthday to Auntie Kimmy and the Get Well Soon song to my friend Packer. A couple times I forgot the words so I just wiggled my butts to the beat in my head. Feel better little sexy man!

                                               Ta Da!

(PS I'm stoked you finally made a poo! Yay!)

Go Meat!

This was the first day I had sausage. Not that Toe-Food fake crap that Mom eats. Real, wonderfully delicious, mouth watering, straight from some sort of animal, and wrapped in some sort of something like a tube of flesh, Sausage. Sausage makes me sleep like a baby. Go Meat!

Pavlov's cookies

   I has a trick. A Jedi Mind Trick.
I learned a long time ago that my Nonna thinks it's the cutest damn thing when I talk to her. She says things like "Gooood Giiirrll" and "Well bless your heart" and then I get cookie treats. I usually begin the process the moment I walk in the door. I used to just talk and roo, and rurble, but I've learned that if I just cut to the chase and bark my asses off I'm rewarded right away. As soon as I hear the magic word I feel very accomplished, and I accept my reward proudly.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Smitten Kitten

   I don't normally act this way w. company. But for some reason, when Auntie Shirwee is here I just NEED her attention! All of it! I paw on her, and do the best cute poses I have. I put my head in her lap and turn upside down and put my feets in the airs, all while displaying my biggest, bestest smile. I gnaw the shits out of my toys so she will notice my wonderful jaw strength, and admire it. I behave so well on our walks, hoping she'll be impressed with my manners. When Auntie Shirwee leaves, I usually have a maniacal grin on my face for a long time, until I pass out and snore my asses off. It takes a lot of energy to be this cute all the live long day. She is my favourite visitor ever! and I loves her very much! I wish she would get a puppy for me to play with!

Example of Maniacal Grin:

(I am pretty sure this Bish has still never read my blog. So let's continue to experiment with how many times I can blog about her not reading my blog before she reads my blog.  This, if I'm not mistaken, is blog-about-Auntie-Shirwee #3)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Whatever, I gots a new yummy goodness crunch bone treat!

   Welp, I had to go back to the Vet Doctor's house today because I needed vaccines. They're like medicines, but before I get sick. Normally my Mamma doesn't make me get those things, but there is a mamma raccoon hanging out in our yard during the day, we had a rattlesnake encounter, and my Nonna feeds a stray cat that hangs out at her house like he owns it. His name is Blondie. He looks fine and healthy, but you never know, he prolly has at least The Clap.
  I mean I don't get the rattler vaccine (they don't haves it here), but you know. I is now safe from psychopathic raccoons and such. (Juggalos! Whoop Whoop!)
   The Vet Doctor says I have gorgeous skin, perfect ears, and my teeth are so cool they are like puppy teeth (All the more better to eat your flip-flops with!). Translation: I am Radness behavior. He thinks I so cool because he has never seen a black boxer before. Mwahahahah! Anyways, not only is I super cute, but I is super healthy.
   My Mamma decided I can have all those millions shots of medicine for now. I still got uber freaked out at the Vet Doctor's house today. I shaked and everything. Ma said when we were done we could go on a field trip to the toy store, so I behaved. When we got to the toy store I smelled wonderful things. I got new poo bags (yay! <---pffft) and I picked out a rad braided raw hide bone crunch bone thing. It is delicious!
Let me show it to you.
It looks like a spaghetti bone type of thing so I love it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Eleven shades of Green

   I went to Vermont this weekend for my first vacation. Everyone was uber impressed with my good manners. The moment we got there I ran upstairs to check it out, then downstairs to look all around. I didn't even realize that I didn't know where my Ma was. I was so comfortable here, and so excited. It rained the entire first day we were there, but that was okay because I was kinda pooped from the long car ride. Everything was so green, and moss was everywhere. Mamma thought it was so pretty.
  The next morning we got up super early and went on a long walk with a million new smells and sounds. My cousin Sam was with me too, and we played tag for a bit. He's usually too fast for me.

   After the sun came all the way up I got a new crunch bone. It was really good but I mostly just ran all around the house with it showing everyone. I think they were real jealous.
   Later on, we went looking for heart rocks. Ma found a couple, and then we heard a weird noise in the woods. We listened to it for a minute, but kept walking. Just then we noticed a little yellow striped snake walking across the path, just a little harmless garden snake. But that's when it hit us. That weird noise we figured were cicadas or some kind of bug, but nope. We were in F*ing rattlesnake headquarters. Mamma got kinda nervous so we turned around and went back to the house, walking in the middle of the trail and kinda fast. No more traipsing through the forest for us. I got to play in the yard and we took long walks to look for heart rocks, but mostly I just hung out on the deck.
   Everyone thought I was awesome so I got tons of belly rubs and treats. I had sausage for the first time and it was delicious. I didn't mind staying close to the house because everything was so fun to smell and explore. The weather was beautiful, and there was always a cool breeze so I took many cat naps outside and snored my asses off to everyone's amusement.
         One time we found this cool flower:

 I slept on Mamma's lap most of the way home while she read and before I knew it we were home!
I went to my bed almost immediately and slept real sound all night.
  I wish we could go back today, but Ma said no. So instead we are going to the beach where there are no scary rattlesnakes. We'll go back soon though, I can't wait!

<3 Rocks; our ultimate goal

Saturday, June 12, 2010


          This face in wicked unamused

One morning a few days ago, it was time for Mornin Pees so Ma and I went outside. Ma sat in an unusual seat, not where she normally sits with her coffee, and I went to do my biz.

While my Mamma drank her coffee she thought she noticed something falling from the sky just over there, by the yellow tomatoes All she had to do was adjust her eyes, and then she saw it... A Million Bagazillion Frillion Illion baby Praying Mantid babies being born!.
   Now that I look at this again, maybe I would say four Million Bagazillion Frillion Illion babies. Maybe more.
But, pfffffffffffffft, even though it looks cool, I was unamused. I (number one furry child, if you really need to be reminded) felt like playing with my new Chuck-It balls. But that was not happening!
   I know they're kinda rad, and they're all like "yay! Miracle of Life!" and shit. But I just got this new ball in the mail and it whistles. I don't think you people understand how little I got to enjoy it. So, No.
I'm just gonna take a nappie-nap and hope that when I awaken you are ready to throw balls and rub my butts. I would also like a yummy goodness treat waiting for me, if it's not too much to ask.
At first I was all like 
Then I snuck my Crunch Bone in bed
Then I was all like "That was good." *Streeeeeetch*
Life is so good.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I have a plethora of awesome photographs of myself, and only a limited amount of witty one liners! I was hoping to upload these and throw some funk on it, but, meh. Here you go anyways.

This one looks like I ninja kicked a grave stone over! (and that's exactly what happened)