Saturday, June 12, 2010


          This face in wicked unamused

One morning a few days ago, it was time for Mornin Pees so Ma and I went outside. Ma sat in an unusual seat, not where she normally sits with her coffee, and I went to do my biz.

While my Mamma drank her coffee she thought she noticed something falling from the sky just over there, by the yellow tomatoes All she had to do was adjust her eyes, and then she saw it... A Million Bagazillion Frillion Illion baby Praying Mantid babies being born!.
   Now that I look at this again, maybe I would say four Million Bagazillion Frillion Illion babies. Maybe more.
But, pfffffffffffffft, even though it looks cool, I was unamused. I (number one furry child, if you really need to be reminded) felt like playing with my new Chuck-It balls. But that was not happening!
   I know they're kinda rad, and they're all like "yay! Miracle of Life!" and shit. But I just got this new ball in the mail and it whistles. I don't think you people understand how little I got to enjoy it. So, No.
I'm just gonna take a nappie-nap and hope that when I awaken you are ready to throw balls and rub my butts. I would also like a yummy goodness treat waiting for me, if it's not too much to ask.
At first I was all like 
Then I snuck my Crunch Bone in bed
Then I was all like "That was good." *Streeeeeetch*
Life is so good.