Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainy days,

They makes me crazy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My new best friend

Mamma took me to Brooksvale today. I like to sniff all the animal smells, I made good friends with a horsie one time through the fence. There is a bridge that leads to an enormous field where I chase sticks and balls, and then we sometimes walk on the trails. Today, the bridge was gone so we could not hike, but I made a new best friend.
   His name was Sheep and he was awesome! My Mamma said he had a beautiful aura, and she pet him a lot. We sniffed eachother a lot, and he was very gentle. He was super quiet too.One time the goats went all "baaaaaaahhhh" and scared the crap out of me, so I went to investigate. They made such ridiculous noises that I wanted to get in there dammit!

I actually tried to squeeze through the fence spaces and I even broke it a little bit. That's when I started to act crazy so I had to sit down and "stop acting crazy" and we couldn't go back to my sheep friend until I started "acting like a normal dog". I am going to go back to visit Sheep tomorrow and hopefully he will remember me. Maybe they will let me in his space so I can play with him. Nah, prolly not.

 We'll just call him Shep, for short.

True Story

So, when the weather is nice Mamma puts my harness on me and rolls the window down so I can hang out the car window all cute like. People smile and point at me all the time, I swear I'm a little bit famous in Hamden. Sometimes at red lights people ask My Ma stuff bout me or just tell her I am super duper cute. One time on Whitney Ave, there was a conversation that went like this:

*red light*
Other Lady: "Oh hey Big Poppa, look at you, you're so cute. You just made my day"
Mamma: "Oh, she loves to hear that"
Other Lady: "What, Big Poppa?"
Mamma: "Oh, that she made your day"

I love it when you call me Big Poppa!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Favourite Time of Day

Nappy Nap time. Especially Mornin Naptime.
When I first came home, my Mamma had to sit with me, and I would usually sleep on her lap. I think I used to do that cuz I was afraid she'd go somewhere when I wasn't looking. She would call me a perpetual toddler, and I would snore my heart out. But now that I know Mamma isn't gonna leave me, and if she does she will definetly come back, most likely with yummy goodness treats. So now it is easy for me to take my nappy nap anywheres.
  My favourite place as of late is the garden because it has been nice and sunny out. I loves to just lay where I'm not supposed to be and sun myself. When I awaken, I feel rejuvenated, and like I deserve a treat.
 Other times, I go jump up on Ma's bed right after breakfast. Well after breakfast and pee. As you can see in my face of annoyance, I hate my photograph taken, just like Chino did. And, not for nothin, but who actually enjoys having their picture taken while they're sleeping?
   Sometimes we go for a walk right after breakfast, and that is hella fun! But then sometimes we come back from our walk and then we go someplace else, and I'm like "Maaaaaaaaaaa. Can't I has a nap first? Or at least a yummy goodness treat?"
   Sometimes we go to my Nonna's house, and when her stupid poodle dog isn't bothering the hell out of me, I just crash. I can't help it sometimes. I drool, and snore my ass off until I hear the word "treat". That word wakes me up everytime. At that point I am forced to recite the word "REDRUM" over and over again. My Ma laughs and My Nonna goes all "Well, Bless your heart" and then I am rewarded with treats, as I should be.
   Right now I am really pissing Mamma off cuz I am practicing "Redrum" without being prompted so I'm gonna go on a long walk to "tire myself out".
Peace out.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's totally here, I don't care what that fat, lazy groundhog says. He is a lying creature. I know it is technically two more weeks away but this is why I know it's spring already: 1. Ma let me out in the yard to pee yesterday and then went back to her book and waited for me to announce myself when I was done. All of a sudden she comes runnin outside checking on me cuz it was a half an hour later and I was just chillin! 2. We went on a hike to the mushroom spot  (<-- Ma's secret agent headquarters that nobody knows about) today and there were like a bagillion people there! That's how come I know that groundhog is just a fat lazy animal and just wants to stay in bed for longer.
  I also learned some more new things today on our hike. I learnst that woodpeckers freak me out. I was trotting along smelling everything today, when suddenly I heard this creepy loud sound! I stopped and sat and even shivered a little cuz I didn't know what it was.
  I had hella fun sniffin under all the leaves, and I even walked in water to cross the creek! I found horse poop, which I thought was Awesome! And then on our walk back to the car we passed a farm with like a thousand horses and I just sat and watched them, totally entranced. Their Mom must have been calling them because they all ran together towards the house and it was very beautiful.My favourite was the black one.
  On the way home Ma let me hang out the window like I love to do, and I made at least a handful of people smile and point at me. Prolly more, but that's all my Mamma saw. Now, I am totally pooped. Ma tried to vacuum when we got home, but the moment she walked away I fell asleep on the cord. So close to the vacuum monster, I am so brave! I am currently snoring my ass off, and dreaming of din-din.

Horse poop=Awesome. Woodpeckers=Boogie Monsters.