Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gobble gobble. Gobble gobble gobble.

   Welp, unfortunately I do not have the photos of awesomeness to prove it, but I saw something AMAZING!
 Mamma and I were house sitting over the weekend, and on Thursday morning I was sitting by the screen door just watching like I love to do (Mamma loves to people watch too. I loves to squirrel and other rodent-type-things watch). All of a sudden! An entire family of turkeys came running through the yard! They scooted all funny like and hopped a bit. Mamma didn't run upstairs for her camera and take pics because she thought they would be back everyday. Unfortunately they were not. I got so excited that I ran into the screen door!
   I also love them because they said Gobble Gobble. They were obviously quoting Laura Palmer, so I love them because I am a "Peaker". I am the muffin. Maybe next time we see them we will get to meet them and I think they would love to play with me. I'm thinking TAG!

  Welp, after all the turkey craziness I tried to lay in Sammie's bed downstairs. I tried so hard, but struggled. I mean I'm 83 pounds and he's less than ten! Mamma laughed so hard and brought the mini doggie bed upstairs so if I tried again she could take a photograph. When I sat in it, Mamma laughed real loud! Well, look:

   I look so cute in that tiny bed that I could never fit in! Well now, I didn't like being laughed at so I made sure to show her just what I was capable of:
 I did it! I mean, I had mad chairs and an entire couch if I wanted it, but I wanted to stay near my Mamma! The only things that leak over the edge are my nub and jowls, so technically I fit! At one point Sammie tried to come and cuddle with me, but he would have had to cuddle ON me so I politely asked him not to. We ended up cuddling together, sort of, once we went to Good-Night-Sleep-Tight time. I slept in the crook of Mamma's knees like I always do and he is a silly ass, so he slept on her shoulder!

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  1. Ooh, I am so happy and excited that you came by my blog! Thank you. It's like finding a long lost sister. And who knows...you're part Pei and we both wound up in the same rescue so we must come from the same part of the world originally. We could be relatives. By the way, I can definitely see the Pei part. In the forehead. That's a partial Pei forehead for sure.

    I think I happened into the friendliest dog blogging community anywhere and if you wanted to join in you'd be welcomed warmly. What happened, I think, is that we'd read a couple of the blogs for a while before starting ours and mentioned that on the first post. Those dogs came right over to say Hello and then I just started meeting doggies in comments on other dog blogs. Of course, keeping up with everdog can be kind of challenging, but they're all so nice.

    lotsa licks, Lola