Thursday, October 14, 2010

I LUBS tomatoes!!!

   Every time I have a breakfast or din-din my Mamma throws some extra something in there for vitamins. Sometimes it's chick peas or apples, and sometimes zucchini even. But my favourite is tomatoes. I don't start eating until Ma says "Mangia!". I wait until I know everything she's gonna give me is in there, but when it's tomatoes I dive right in. Even before my kibble is there. If you wanted to feed me just tomatoes I'd probably be very happy with that.
  Anyway, Mamma and me are making sauce right now so I smell all sorts of delicious tomato smells and it's driving me bananas!  I cannot understand why she would torture me like this. I had a tiny piece of italian bread with sauce on it before and that just teased me.
No. Fair.
That smell is tantalizing and I am currently dripping all over the place. It literally makes my mouth water just smelling it. Maybe if I make a big enough mess and yell about it long enough Mamma will let me have a bowl of it. A whole bowl of tomato goodness. Oh boy! I am licking my lips for real right now. Like woah licking my lips.


  1. Hi Lucca! I read somewhere that tomatos are bad for doggies, but I have never known a dog to get sick from good old Italian food. I love it myself as long as it comes with cheese, like baked ziti or lasagna or one of those types. I'm going to do a post about you right now. I hope that's OK. I think it's so cool to have like a...sort of sorority sister out here in the bloggyverse.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  2. Hi Lucca,

    We heard about you and your blog from Lola. We have never seen a black boxer - you are so beautiful. We are three siberian huskies. One of us, Phantom, is Mr. Picky Boy, very fussy about when and what he eats, BUT he never turns down a good pasta dish. You and he would get along quite well.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Hello deres Lucca!

    I am Maggie Mae and I am a furiend of Lola's too. Her told me 'bouts you and I wanted to come over here and introduce myself to you! I hope dat we can be furiends. Come and visit me sometimes!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Hi Remington here! Your friend Lola told me to stop by and see you! I love tomatoes too! I am going to start following, not in the kitchen, just in Blogland! I hope we can be great friends! Have a fun filled weekend!

  5. HI Lucca,
    Our friend Lola sent us here. Glad we met. U look absolutely adorable:)

    Yeah, Mummy tells us tomatoes are bad for Dogs. They have a very high oxalate content, which dogs cannot metabolise well, just like in Raisins.
    They can lead to kidney stones. So just don't take too many , okies? Of course, in moderation, they should be alright. and u do so love them..
    hav a lovely weekend,
    Buddy n Ginger

  6. Thanks you guys for coming to visits! It's very nice to meet my new friends. And also thank you for the heads up about tomatoes, my Ma didn't know that about uncooked tomatoes. There is a big list of things I cannot eat on the fridge, and we'll (sadly) add tomatoes to it.
    Thank you Lola for introducing me to new friends. I feel so loved. :)

    Light and Love and Belly Rubs!
    <3 Lucca