Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Second Christmas!

Christmas is so fun! and this one was just as awesome as my first Christmas! I already got a couple presents early because I needed them, like my jacket and my orthopedic mattress. I didn't get too many toys this year because I pretty much have them all. I mean, my toy box is as big as me, and it overflows with toys.
  The first thing I did was find the two yummy goodness treats that Mamma hid, of course. I got books that Mamma will read to me that will teach me how to do tricks! She wants to teach me to get a beer out of the fridge, and I wanna learn to make her get a treat out of the cabinet.

I got another interactive toy called Dog Magic by Nina Ottosson. Mamma has to hide a cookie under one of the bones and I have to find it. I've done it every time so far! This is supposed to be the beginner one of all of Nina's toys so now I can try a harder one. Mamma likes to give me interactive toys. She hopes that if she fills them up with treats or peanut butter, I'll play with them while she's at the shelter everyday, but I usually don't. I just wait by the window for Mamma to come home, and recently I began licking my foot till it's raw. I've developed a little case of separation anxiety.

One of my presents from my Gramma are these really cool collars that are supposed to help with that. They are infused with Lavender and Chamomile (and totally safe) to help make me feel calm. I don't yet know how well they work because Mamma hasn't left me home alone yet, but I totally smell delicious.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas too!

Light and Love and Belly Rubs!

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  1. Wowser! It looks like you had a super Christmas and you must have been the best doggy in the world, because Santa was very good to you, Lucca. We had a nice Christmas, too.

    lotsa licks, Lola