Saturday, September 25, 2010

I feels like I has the flu :(

   This is what my eye has looked like for a couple days, and you can see a little bit of what I did to my ear the other day.
I'm part Chinese Shar Pei and we have really watery eyes, so my allergies just got out of control real fast and that's what happened.
  Mamma had a couple appointments the other day and I decided I was going to practice being a big girl and I stayed home alone, I usually go stay at someone's house. Preferably my Nonna's house where Sammie is. I have a soothing playlist that Mamma plays with Beethoven, Clint Mansell, Michael Giacchino and other beautiful music that she hopes keeps me relaxed. I like that music alot, but the other day I think it was a mixture of me missing Mamma while she was at the VA and my allergies, and so I just tore my ear up. I ended up with a skin infection around my eyes and an ear infection.
  We made an emergency appointment on Friday morning and I went to the Vet Doctor's house. There was a  cockatiel  there and all she said was "Hello Pearl" so we tried to teach her to say "Leave the gun, take the canollis" but we didn't have enough time. So, the Vet Doctor gave me a bunch of medicines and Mamma gave me about a half a dose yesterday, and then for breakfast and dinner today.
   I am feeling SO much better! Mostly I just slept all day. In the morning after breakfast, I went back to sleep in Mamma's bed which I normally never do. I slept till 9:00 in the bedroom and then I came and slept on my bed for a bit. All day I have been giving turns to Mamma's bed, my bed, the couch, and also the carpet. I am just enjoying my dreams and letting my body heal itself.
   If you are looking for me, this is probably where you'll find me. I'm catching up on my beauty sleep and healing myself so that tomorrow I can go play with my friend Poppy. I already feel ten frillion times better, and my skin does too! I hope tomorrow I feel good enough to PLAY IN THE SNOW!!! Oh, too early for snow? Well damn because I love snow.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gobble gobble. Gobble gobble gobble.

   Welp, unfortunately I do not have the photos of awesomeness to prove it, but I saw something AMAZING!
 Mamma and I were house sitting over the weekend, and on Thursday morning I was sitting by the screen door just watching like I love to do (Mamma loves to people watch too. I loves to squirrel and other rodent-type-things watch). All of a sudden! An entire family of turkeys came running through the yard! They scooted all funny like and hopped a bit. Mamma didn't run upstairs for her camera and take pics because she thought they would be back everyday. Unfortunately they were not. I got so excited that I ran into the screen door!
   I also love them because they said Gobble Gobble. They were obviously quoting Laura Palmer, so I love them because I am a "Peaker". I am the muffin. Maybe next time we see them we will get to meet them and I think they would love to play with me. I'm thinking TAG!

  Welp, after all the turkey craziness I tried to lay in Sammie's bed downstairs. I tried so hard, but struggled. I mean I'm 83 pounds and he's less than ten! Mamma laughed so hard and brought the mini doggie bed upstairs so if I tried again she could take a photograph. When I sat in it, Mamma laughed real loud! Well, look:

   I look so cute in that tiny bed that I could never fit in! Well now, I didn't like being laughed at so I made sure to show her just what I was capable of:
 I did it! I mean, I had mad chairs and an entire couch if I wanted it, but I wanted to stay near my Mamma! The only things that leak over the edge are my nub and jowls, so technically I fit! At one point Sammie tried to come and cuddle with me, but he would have had to cuddle ON me so I politely asked him not to. We ended up cuddling together, sort of, once we went to Good-Night-Sleep-Tight time. I slept in the crook of Mamma's knees like I always do and he is a silly ass, so he slept on her shoulder!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Every. Single. Night.

There's something Mamma has said to me every night since I came home. Even before I broke out of my shell and let her know that I was so special. She has always told me one thing at night time:
'I love you and I appreciate you.'
She began doing this because she said there are a million things she didn't do right, or could have done better with Chino and wishes she had done different.  The happy part is that she feels like Cheen lives all over again by doing all those things 'the right way'
I think Mamma wanted to feel that I was Chino reincarnated at first, but that obviously cannot be. Right now we are very content to just know that she brought us together. In knowing that, we know that I share a little part of her. 
'I love you and I appreciate you'
*sometimes I wink at Mamma after she says that... and she winks back!!*

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Dog Suit

   Whoever I am inside my dog suit, and whoever my Mamma is inside her people suit, have definitely been together a really really long time. I wonder if some psychic could tell us how we've known each other in our past lives. I love being with her, and I go crazy when she's not here! I wonder what I was like before I adopted her. She was totally meant to be my Mom. This is how we met:
   My big sisters Chino and Rosie died six, and five months before Ma accidentally found me. My Mamma was so sad she said she would never get another dog ever again. One of my Aunties and her husband wanted to buy my Ma a puppy as a present, but Mamma said uh-uh. She was grateful, but no thank you. Mamma said the only way she would ever get another dogger is if she found a black, female, grown up boxer at the shelter. That was kinda a joke, because Ma thought that was impossible. Welp, she put that energy out there and the Universe heard her. The Universe must like her a lot.
   One Friday night (April 11th, my birthday) Mamma was on the phone with one of her friends and they were looking at craigslist together, looking for lawn furniture and garden stuff. She doesn't remember what the title of the post was, but when she opened it she saw me. I was super skinny and I looked scared, but I has my sister Chino's eyes so when Mamma found me she started to cry. She's a big baby like that anyway. My auntie found it online too and said "Well, looks like you found your black boxer". It was Friday at night time, so Mamma figured she would have to wait till Monday to call about me. She asked the Universe all weekend long to please let me still be there. Usually when she asks for something she always says "if it's meant to be" but she knew she was meant to be my Mom so she left that part out. She asked my auntie if she'd take a ride almost 100 miles away to meet me, auntie said sure.
   On Monday morning Mamma called Sean Casey Animal Rescue and talked to Sean. He said I was found in Harlem in December (the 13th actually. 4 months earlier!). I had just had puppies, but they weren't with me. (We look for them on petfinder from time to time)  I'm sure they're all doing just fine though. I was about three years old, and my name was Lucy. Mamma's only other question was "is she good with cats?" He said they'd check later that day and asked me to call back. When Mamma called back she spoke to Charles who tested me while Mamma was on the phone, and I did fine. He then said a bunch of other great things about me, and noted my awesomeness. Mamma said she'd be there on Wednesday to meet me (April 16th, my gotchya day).
   When Mamma first saw me she totally fell in love. Charles asked if she wanted to walk me, so we went around the block and I immediately made Ma laugh because I peed right on the sidewalk, I didn't even need grass. I'm from Brooklyn. Then I scaled a wall, a couple of em actually. Mamma laughed some more, and that's it. I was hers.
   I really loved Charles. I mean the way I smiled at him was like I was trying to flirt with him. Before we went on our walk he said he wanted to see me do my "trick" one last time so I jumped into the second story kennel that was mine, about 3+ feet off the ground. He thought that was real cool. Him and Sean picked up a very very skinny Ma and her puppies while we were on our walk, so they were at the vet with the Mom when we got back. We waited a while for him to get back so I could say goodbye to him but I didn't get to. I kept looking around for him though. I do send him updates and cards though, so I hope he knows how awesome I'm doing. Mamma put Chino's collar on me, and we went home.
   My first night home Mamma put Chino's bed right next to the couch where she slept so I wouldn't get scared. She didn't know if I wanted to sleep in bed with her yet. Now I'm a notorious bed hog. I played with Chino's toys that Mamma kept for a little bit, and then went straight to sleep. The next morning, after breakfast time and pees, I got on the couch with her and slept on her lap. We were instant buddies. Right away I became very very protective of her. I'm a little better about that now, but if I'm sleeping on her lap and you come too close I'll go Cujo on you. And if we have a slumber party somewhere and Mamma is asleep, with me usually in the crook of her knees, you can't come anywhere near her. I protect the hell out of her.
   I was a bit timid at first with other people, still am sometimes. Women made me nervous at first, but I took to men just fine. Some things still freak me out, I'm afraid of towels. But I turned out pretty good. I have excellent manners most of the time. I still beg a lot sometimes, but Mamma understands because that's the only way I got any food when I was homeless. I learn tricks real fast, when I first came home I couldn't even catch a treat. It would end up just bouncing off my face. Now I know a plethora of tricks and do them often. And I can catch a ball or frisbee or snowball (<---my favourite thing to catch) in my mouth!
  We make a great team, I love to be spoiled and she loves to spoil me.
   Anyway, that's the story of my dog suit.