Friday, September 30, 2011

Guess who's bizzack!?

This is me waiting for Hurricane Irene

Me and Sweetpea!
Hello Friends! It has been a really long time, I know! This whole year has been a lot of new stuffs. Mamma and I moved to a new place that is awesome. They put a big park right down the street from it, so I can romp and sniff all over the place everyday. I go to it at least every morning so I can do my poops. I also has my bed in a new spot. It's right under a window that gets amazing afternoon sun, I love to sleep in the sunshine! I has lots of new toys to play with too. One of them is called The Tornado! and it's fun to figure out. Mamma puts all sorts of goodies in it for me to find when she leaves. She puts all different things in there like green beans and homemade cookie pieces and hotdog! I do pretty good when she leaves me home, but I like it much better when she's here. I like it even more when one of my friends is here too with my Auntie. We have play dates at our house, and sometimes at his house where I act like a crazy fool, and sometimes have momentary lapses of insanity. I has two new best friends: Goblin and Sweetpea. They're both from my Ma's shelter so they're good guys. Sweetpea lives right upstairs, and Gobs lives just down the block! I have friends so close! That makes me super happy!
I love to play tug with Gobs!
Figured it out on the first try!

  I know everybody was wondering where Lucca went. I just got the interwebs yesterday and updating my brog is the first thing I did! See how I love you guys so much!

  Today is a really big day for me too, because I'm getting a foster brother! He's just a little guy puppy. My Mamma hasn't even seen any pictures of him yet. As long as he's well behaved and doesn't steal my bones, we're good. I think I'm gonna be a great foster sister.
   Welp, I promise not to go away for another long time, friends. I hope you are all well and happy and awesome!
  I love you!