Saturday, August 28, 2010

Uncle Sammie

   Welp, sometimes I misses my boyfriend Mach. Just for a little bit, then I send him light and love, and say something nice to him, then let it go. I know (Hope!) he's okay all the time. Lately I have been meeting a lot of new puppy dogs and making lots of buddies, but I haven't felt like I have a best friend. I play with my Poppy a lot, but she's a goof. She's a lab, so you know what I mean by goof... Idiot. That's what I mean. I has a lot of cousins that moved away recently, to Minnesota.  Then I have a lot of other cousins who are mini-dogs.
   I have recently found a new appreciation for my Uncle Sam. He was a good friend of Chino's too, but it took them a while to become best friends. The other day I went to see him and he was outside on the deck with my (great great great?) Auntie. He screamed like woah, and scratched on the window to come in when he saw I was there. When Mamma let him in we chased eachother for a long time. That bastard always wins.
   I guess I had to lose something to realize what I had.
   I love ALL my doggies, but Uncle Sam is my buddy. I love him very much.
   Sometimes we go to Uncle Sammie's house just to grab him and bring him on a walk with me. He doesn't normally walk w/o us so when we do go out, he is F*ing crazy. Sometimes he jumps off my head, mid-walk, which is totally like woah. That is 51-50 behavior if you ask me. 

   We play all the time, as of late. He is a bastard to play with because that B* always wins in race, but he is very cool. When Mamma gets the toybox he always gets my favourite first, and brings it over to me before he gets one to play with for himself.
   We are like Benny and the Jets. Mutt and Jeff. Bonny and Clyde. Ebony and Ivory. All sorts of ironies, but he's my bud. I <3 my Uncle Sam.

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