Tuesday, August 24, 2010

numero quattro


    My Mamma and my Auntie Shirwee (My favourite visitor ever!) went to see a lame movie tonight, so I stayed home alone. I am getting much better at staying home, but it takes a wicked amount of energy away from me. Ma does not have a hidden camera or anything but she just knows what I do: I sit by the window and watch the driveway the whole entire time. The WHOLE time! I usually get treats of some kind before Mamma leaves, but I never touch them until she gets home. When she finally comes back home (Finally!) I usually do ballerina dances all over the place, and some times I Ninja kick her, and then I do not let her leave my sight (If she has to pee, I watch her so to make sure she's not gonna sneak out the window or something). When she gets back from leaving home I am pooped like woah. 

This may be a yawn, or it may be me belting out a Frank Sinatra song. You be the judge.

  Tonight, while my Mamma was finishing folding clothes on her bed, I decided it was totally bedtime (I had been driving myself crazy all the live long day, I's pooped! Understandably), so I jumped in and began my moshing of the bed so to make myself as comfortable as possible.
   At one time she left the room to go and fix a ring of hers that she loves so much, and she foolishly broke, and when she came back she found this hot mess of cuteness. (Which blogspot.com will not show because there is a hot mess of problems happening on this place)
   What can I say? I ooze adorable.
  Auntie Shirwee was mad late today because she stopped somewhere to buy stupid stuff, AKA Non dog treats, so I did not get to see her and mushes with her. But I did warn her that I would be blogging about her continuing to not read my blog. This is, if I'm not mistaken, the fourth time she has not read my blog-about-Auntie-Shirley. That's okay though, because I lubs her.
  I just hope next time she brings me a treat of some sort, because I am so deprived of treats. In fact, I think I may be losing weight cuz I'm so hungry.

   Welp friends, I am currently snoring my asses off and dreaming wonderful dreams. 
Light and Love and Belly-rubs.
<3 Lucca dog

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