Monday, December 12, 2011


   Welp, I tolerated her long enough. We're friends now. She likes to lick me and she likes to cuddle. Because she likes to cuddle under the covers so much, Mamma does some things in the bed during the daytime, and I Super love that! We get to have nappies in bed, under covers! We both snore loud, but I can do it louder. I totally win.

   Yes, I know I have scary face on in this photograph, but I was playing and having fun. I was making that "Nyah Nyah Nyah!" playtime sound. All this girl wants to do is cuddle! Every opportunity she gets she licks my face, or nuzzles me like she's wiping her nose on me, or scoots closer so her butt is touching me. Sometimes she's so gross. 


    We get copious amounts of food around here lately! For some reason Cera; whose full name is Cera Issa Hapi R***** by the way, gets an extra meal everyday, so I get one too! I'm pretty sure it's the same amount of food I normally get everyday, but broken up into smaller chapters,  but that's okay because I love meal times and there are more of them. Mamma thinks she's a tad skinny, so we're trying to fatten her up. 

   As you all know, I'm a teeny weenie bit snarky at times, so the first time I woke from a nap and noticed I was all curled around her, I was like "WTF!?! Girl, get on the other side of my Mamma! We don't share blankets and cozy in this house! Have you lost your marbles!??" but she looked so comfy, and she was keeping me really warm too. So, whatever, I let her stay there. Invading my privacy bubble, but keeping my bellies warm.

   We are now currently napping on the couch. Well, Cera is, I'm telling Mamma what to write. Mamma's cold because we have all the blankets within reaching distance. She wants to turn the heat up, but Cera follows her everywhere, and she wants her to stay snuggled in next to me under the covers. The same blanket, even! 

   When Mamma finds a home for this girl, I kinda hope they keep in touch. I would like to have cuddles and  nap times under covers in the future.

Light & Love & Bellyrubs 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Tolerate Stuff

  This is my new foster puppy.
I think we're calling her Cera.

  I tolerate her sleeping on Mamma at night for night time nap time.

  I tolerate her sharing my couch for afternoon nappies. 

She's no Mace, but close! She didn't like to even walk yesterday, but now she's a pro. We went on a couple long walks today and a bunch of short ones. She made no peepees in the house. She figured out stairs, she can go Up and Down! She hogs Mamma's lap and she's a very good snuggler.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Uncle Sprocket

This is my Uncle Sammi when he needs a haircut

This is Sprocket from Fraggle Rock: