Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Every. Single. Night.

There's something Mamma has said to me every night since I came home. Even before I broke out of my shell and let her know that I was so special. She has always told me one thing at night time:
'I love you and I appreciate you.'
She began doing this because she said there are a million things she didn't do right, or could have done better with Chino and wishes she had done different.  The happy part is that she feels like Cheen lives all over again by doing all those things 'the right way'
I think Mamma wanted to feel that I was Chino reincarnated at first, but that obviously cannot be. Right now we are very content to just know that she brought us together. In knowing that, we know that I share a little part of her. 
'I love you and I appreciate you'
*sometimes I wink at Mamma after she says that... and she winks back!!*

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