Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow is... awesome?!?

We had a snow blizzard on LOST night, which is when Mamma and I go stay at my boyfriend's house. Mamma and Auntie watch LOST and go "Oh No!" and "Die Kate Die!" a lot, and I sneak up on the couch every time Auntie leaves the room. Otherwise I snore and pass gas on my fuzzy red blanket. My boyfriend dog, his name is Mach, loooves the snow.
(<--- See how he behaves) He does face plants in it on purpose, and makes snow angels in it, and catches snowballs like an animal. I like it for little amounts at a time, especially with him, and mostly when I can eat the snow. Ma builds snow ball totem polls so I can lick at the yummylisciousness of the snow, Mach usually just knocks them down with his bigness. He is my best friend to play with because I like to herd the dogs (What is that, the Irish setter?) and he totally takes my shit. I jump around and run circles and bunny hop and act like a fool at him. Don't let his cool disinterest fool you, he is smitten by my booty, I mean beauty. He always lets me have the bone or ball (eventually), but he never lets me win at tug.

Say Something!

I learnst a new trick. I verbalize myself when Mamma says "speak". It ranges from a roo-roo-roo, to a woo-woo, to a whisper bark, to a moarple proop schnarff, to a full fledged Raaaawwwr! Whatever I have to say is freaking awesome, and it makes me wiggle my butt and nub so fast I almost take off like a helicopter. Here, let me show it to you:

Yes, it is a little hard to make out my beautiful facial features, but I am black. Wait till you see the video of me in the snow! pffft