Monday, August 2, 2010

Whatever, I gots a new yummy goodness crunch bone treat!

   Welp, I had to go back to the Vet Doctor's house today because I needed vaccines. They're like medicines, but before I get sick. Normally my Mamma doesn't make me get those things, but there is a mamma raccoon hanging out in our yard during the day, we had a rattlesnake encounter, and my Nonna feeds a stray cat that hangs out at her house like he owns it. His name is Blondie. He looks fine and healthy, but you never know, he prolly has at least The Clap.
  I mean I don't get the rattler vaccine (they don't haves it here), but you know. I is now safe from psychopathic raccoons and such. (Juggalos! Whoop Whoop!)
   The Vet Doctor says I have gorgeous skin, perfect ears, and my teeth are so cool they are like puppy teeth (All the more better to eat your flip-flops with!). Translation: I am Radness behavior. He thinks I so cool because he has never seen a black boxer before. Mwahahahah! Anyways, not only is I super cute, but I is super healthy.
   My Mamma decided I can have all those millions shots of medicine for now. I still got uber freaked out at the Vet Doctor's house today. I shaked and everything. Ma said when we were done we could go on a field trip to the toy store, so I behaved. When we got to the toy store I smelled wonderful things. I got new poo bags (yay! <---pffft) and I picked out a rad braided raw hide bone crunch bone thing. It is delicious!
Let me show it to you.
It looks like a spaghetti bone type of thing so I love it!

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