Thursday, August 12, 2010

My sister

   So my Mamma is casually looking for a sister for me. There was one dog, Louise, at a shelter in NY in the Hamptons that Mamma saw that looked just like me! We actually thought is one of my puppies that I had before Sean Casey Animal Rescue found me. Just like when Mamma found me, she just knew that she should come live with us. Unfortunately, Louise had an application out on her, and got adopted the next day. That's okay though, cuz Ma just asked the Universe to make sure she goes where she was meant to be. If it's not here, she's cool with that.
   We have decided that I would really benefit from a playmate. I miss playing with my boyfriend Mach, but I don't have very many other dogs in the family, 'cept for Poppy. Dr. Marbles and Max just moved away, and all the others are little sized.  I don't like the dog park on account of all the barking either, and our not-officially-dog-park-but-still-kinda-a-dog-park, Edgerton, has mainly little dogs.. I think we would be great partners-in-crime, err, I mean we could learn from eachother. I will be a great big sister.
   So, in looking for a new sister we have each made a list of pluses. Our lists are not quit the same, but close.

Mamma's List:
1. My sister should like water, so that hopefully I will learn not to hate it so much. Ma is a double Pisces and loves the water almost as much as me, so it's not so fun for her when I hate the beach and don't enjoy traipsing through lakes and stuff.
2. My sister should be as big as, or bigger than me. I play much better with big dogs. I like to herd and bark my asses off, and I box  a lot. Smaller dogs sometimes get scurred.
3. My sister should have to be phenomenal with kids, because I have tons. Sometimes I forget my bigness and knock a kid down (I'm sorry, It's happened once or twice, but I get SO excited!), but I'm learning from my mistakes and I work really hard on being gentle.
4. My sister has to be very well behaved around potential treat opportunities and meal times because Mamma will be very unhappy if we argue over food.
5. My sister should love to chase balls and sticks because that is one of my favourite park and yard activities. She must share well, and a plus would be if she and I both carried a stick together because that is super cute.
6. My sister should love to sleep in bed with us, and nap on Mamma's lap with me because she thinks 90lb lap dogs are just the sweetest thing on the planet.
7. My sister should be good in car rides, and off the leash on hikes because we do a lot of those.

Lucca's List:
1. My sister should hate water. It is a wet, vile creation, and I need support in showing Mamma how much I hate it. Maybe then she will realize how dumb water is.
2. My sister should be no bigger than me because I am Alpha Female. If she is bigger than I am, then she may get some sort of deranged  power trip every so often and act all crazy like.
3. My sister should be such a big goofy oaf that she has to stay home when I go visit my kids.
4. My sister should be on a perpetual diet, and always leave some food in her dish after we eat.
5. My sister should be slower than me when retrieving sticks and balls while we play in the park or yard.
6. My sister should like to sleep on the floor.
7. My sister should like the back seat only, and understand that I am a leader, not a follower so she needs to stay behind me on nature walks.

   When we find her, we'll just know. She will probably find us. I will be a great big sister to her, whoever she is.

 (This is what my almost sister Louise looked like)

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