Monday, October 4, 2010

Just Say No To

  Cephalexin. From now on Mamma is never letting me take that crap ever again. One night I took my full dose, which I was supposed to take twice a day (but that just seemed like a REAL lot) for the skin and ear infection I got from scratching at my allergies. That night when I took it I started panting like mad, and I'm not really a panter. Some dogs just pant sometimes, like when they're happy. Chino did that, but I only pant when I'm hot. Mamma felt my head and I felt very hot, so she rubbed my face with a wet washcloth and I felt better. The only thing I wanted to do was gnaw the shit out of one of my bones, so I did. I wanted to do it in bed, so Mamma let me, even though I'm not usually allowed. I leave huge streaks of bone spooge everywhere. It's gross and a real bitch to clean.
 (Here I am on Ma's Egyptian carpet, making a mess.)
 (Do you see the mess on my paws?)

Mamma had to clean the whole entire bed the next morning. All the blankets and sheets, some pillows, and even my arm! But that was okay because I felt better and that's all that really matters. My skin is all better now. I still have some hair that needs to grow back, and I have ointment medicine if I need it, but I'm like a million times better. My ears don't hurt any more, and I actually kinda like having them cleaned with the blue stuff.
   Welp, right now I'm gnawing the crap out of another bone, and enjoying it very much. I have a basket full of bones that I only half ate, but then I wanted another. So I thought, since I'm not getting a new one no matter how hard/loud I ask, I'll have to make due with a partially destroyed one. Fine, whatever. I'm on the freshly vacuumed carpet making a mess again. Maybe that'll show her.

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