Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I am Thankful for

There's a lot of thankful talk going on today, so I thought I'd share.
Here's just a few of them.

  I am thankful for My Mamma and my entire family, even my crazy cousins Poppy and Sammie.
  I am thankful for raw hide bones, especially the flavorful ones.
  I am thankful for all my Aunties and Uncles that I love very much.
  I am thankful for all my toys, so many toys that I don't think I've even played with every single one of them yet.
  I am thankful for belly rubs, and butt rubs.
  I am thankful for dry leafs on the ground that I get to run through.
  I am thankful for not taking bathes.
  I am thankful for yummy goodness treats, and am very NOT thankful for diets.
  I am thankful for fuzzy blankets, and under the cover nap times.
  I am thankful for naps.
  I am thankful for walks at night when the wind's blowing, and smells are everywhere.
  and I am thankful for You! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lucca, LOOK!

   Welp, I have been practicing my commands every day, but today was the day that I go see my Auntie Tiffy and the kiddies and practice with them. I has a boy Tommy who is so good, because he loves me to death, even when I act crazy. He knows that I just want to play, but I just don't know how to ask. I think that's very smart for a kid. He was my sister Chino's favourite kid too.
   I practiced "look" all week, actually for a couple weeks I think, and I'm getting the hang of it. From now on when I get distracted or start to focus on something that's gonna make me crazy, Mamma says "Lucca, LOOK!" and I look at her face and away from whatever is tempting me to misbehave. We practiced today with real distractions and I did pretty good.
   The one time I was really bad was when Tommy was playing with his sister and I charged in there like it was my game and demanded a turn. I had to sit in time out for that. I couldn't see anybody but Mamma and her back was to me which made me very sad. Tommy was very forgiving, and after I was done with time out he got a couple yummy goodness treats and told me to sit, and then lay down, and he gave them to me. He even snuck me a fruit loop or ten.
   My biggest problem is that I don't realize how much bigness I have, and I don't understand why it's so bad to use my mouth when I play! I'm not gonna bite! I'm just wanting to move your hand to where I want you to pet me or something, but Mamma tells me that is very bad. I don't want to do something bad. Time out is the worst thing ever.
   So we will keep practicing until I get it right. A behaviorist that Mamma works with says that I think I'm in charge now. I don't know, I listen real fast to Mamma. I hate to get yelled at. The good news is that I am Super treat motivated, so all this learning is fun for me because there are goodies involved.
   I'm trying so hard not to be a bully. I just need a little time to understand your language!
Well all that excitement has me pooped! I'm going to go snore my asses off for the rest of the evening!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I haven't had my typer around lately!

   My Mamma is usually the person who types for me. She tells you all what I want to say, as I dictate. Lately though she is acting old. She goes to sleep early the past few weeks, which is fine by me really. I love to take up all the entire space in bed and steal every last inch of the blankets. Some Sundays when it's rainy out my Mamma will grab a book and coffee and get into bed to read and I love that very much. Like VERY much. It might be my favourite thing to do on rainy Sunday mornings.
   Also too, Mamma has gone back to her old job that doesn't pay her anything. It's at a place where doggies who don't have any Mommies live, until they find their Mommies. It's like the place where I used to live before Mamma found me. She stopped going there after she lost Chino and Rosie because it became too sad of a place for her to be. It's actually my Auntie Shirwee's fault; Mamma went to look at a cat that Auntie was interested in, and now she's been there every day since. She says she was "sucked back in" which reminds me of those green planter warp things from Super Mario Brothers. It's okay really, because I get to practice staying home alone, which I don't have much experience with. I get a treat right before she leaves and she tells me she is going to take care of the homeless puppies, and then I get a treat when she gets back. The best part is I get to smell her and she smells like rad, big-headed puppies, and sometimes boy puppies. That's my favourite.
   I have a couple things that I want to brog about and tell you about, but for now I think I will just reassure you that I will be back to talk about that other stuff soon. I just had a wonderful walk and so now I'm all laid out on my new Memory Foam goodness bed that serves all my orthopedic needs. My Auntie Kimmy put a bunch of leafs on the ground for me because she knows I love to romp through them, so I had a lot of fun doing that. I stare down those leafs and tackle them like a crackhead. It's also a very windy evening so there were smells blowing all over the place which I love to run after. Sometimes I misbehave and zig-zag and backtrack all suddenly and almost trip my Mamma but that's only because I'm so very excited!
This is me on my memory foam bed ON my coolaroo bed. 
That's like memory foam in a hammock for humans! Imagine how rad that would be!
(Early Christmas present, btw)
      So, besides being a bad dog today, I was also a bad dog a couple days ago so Mamma and I have started to re-educate me and I have to practice my commands every day. Some of them I already know, but some of them are new. Mamma tells me "look" is very useful with one of the dogs at the shelter that she cheats on me with, so we're really working on that one the most. It will help when I lose focus and start to act like a mad (wo)man.
   Welp, for the rest of the evening I think I will just snooze with Mamma who doesn't feel too well. (I love when she doesn't feel well because then I get to sprawl all over her all the live long day!) We're gonna watch a movie which is rad because even though I can't actually see the movie, I get to lay on her lap and that's my favourite.
   I promise I will come back soon to brog about things and tell you all my stories.

Light and Love and Belly Rubs!
<3 Lucca