Saturday, August 7, 2010

Smitten Kitten

   I don't normally act this way w. company. But for some reason, when Auntie Shirwee is here I just NEED her attention! All of it! I paw on her, and do the best cute poses I have. I put my head in her lap and turn upside down and put my feets in the airs, all while displaying my biggest, bestest smile. I gnaw the shits out of my toys so she will notice my wonderful jaw strength, and admire it. I behave so well on our walks, hoping she'll be impressed with my manners. When Auntie Shirwee leaves, I usually have a maniacal grin on my face for a long time, until I pass out and snore my asses off. It takes a lot of energy to be this cute all the live long day. She is my favourite visitor ever! and I loves her very much! I wish she would get a puppy for me to play with!

Example of Maniacal Grin:

(I am pretty sure this Bish has still never read my blog. So let's continue to experiment with how many times I can blog about her not reading my blog before she reads my blog.  This, if I'm not mistaken, is blog-about-Auntie-Shirwee #3)

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