Monday, December 7, 2009

yummy goodness

I have been helping my Mamma bake in the kitchen all morning and I cannot stop drooling because it smells so good. I am currently sitting by the stove because she must have forgotten about my lack of thumbs, I cannot serve myself. In a minute I am going to bark my ass off. What is it that has got me acting like a spoiled poodle, you ask? Check it out:
Homemade yummy goodness treats. mmmmmmm
Ma says they need to "cool" (pfft...). Then I can only have a couple right now and we are going to bring some to my Auntie Pop's new puppy, Tux.
I am not very happy about that because I would rather not share and keep them all for myself. I know the stupid card will say "Wuv, Lucca" too. Hmph, listen up Tux, It wasn't my idea to share.

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