Sunday, December 6, 2009

How do you fit all that awesomeness into one dog?!?.

Well for starters I'm a boxer dog. At times I am a kitty terrorizer, a bunny rabbit, and a lap dog. Other times I am a woo-woo singer, or a shadow chaser. But if you find yourself admiring my skills at the park and you ask my Ma what kind of dog is it that is made of such awesomeness, she will tell you I am a boxer mix. Usually when she says that to people in the park they then try to guess. The most popular conclusions are boxer/lab, boxer/pitbull, but always boxer/something. My Ma surmised I am boxer/shar-pei/pitbull/ninja cuz I gots a boxer face, shar-pei wrinkley rolls, and I'm short and quite fast and I jump super high like a pit bull terrier/ninja.
My big sister Chino, who I never met but she gave me her toys to play with so she rocks in my book, was a boxer dog and Ma says I do things like her all the time. I gots her isms, and her eyes which is how I made my Mamma fall in love with me. Look, here is hers photograph with our Ma:
Isn't she the cutie-patootiest thing you ever saw? Yeah I think so too.
So, anyway My Mamma got so curious and so she ordered me a doggie DNA identifier kit. She was gonna tell me what I am for Christmas, but she couldn't wait and she told me early. According to the quacks at the BioPet Corporation I am the following:
Irish Setter, Bulldog, Chinese Shar-Pei, Miniature Pinscher, Newfoundland, Schnauzer and Scottish Terrier.
What's that all about, and where's the Boxer part of my DNA, Mr BioPet Corporation? And where do I get my ninja skills?
I think I should be the next designer dog like those poodle oodles that everybody wants these days, you know those expensive mutts? Whatever the results say, when people ask My Ma still tells them I am a boxer mix. Whoopah!

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