Thursday, April 29, 2010

Treasure Hunt!

   There is this very old cemetery over near Auntie's house. My Mamma loves it, she loves old cemeteries. It is like 300 years old (<---really, I swears), there a lot of soldiers buried there from the American Revolution. They hated England on account of their bad tea.

Macho and I played and ran like Crazies for a bit, and Ma and Auntie wandered and took photographs and stuff. I was very happy. I ate a bunch of tall grass like the goat on B6-12, and I smelled all sorts of wonderful new smells. I pooped, and Mach wanted to roll around in it. There are table like grave markers there that I always want to jump on, but Mamma tells me no, so whatever, I shoulda just rolled in poo.

  While Auntie was being nosey she found a Ziploc bag with treasure inside! We opened it and it was a little box with a book and pen, along with an awesome stamp. It's a fun treasure hunt called letterboxing (<-- that's a link, btw) and people do it all over the place! (Ironically it started in England) There are clues to other letterboxes all over the country! and Ma already figured out some of the clues. I think Mamma should make a stamp of my paw print. This is gonna be very fun, I can smell it.
   We were done playing, and Mamma and Auntie were still in awe of this new found treasure hunt experience, so we decided to lay in the shade and smell the wind. It smelt very good.

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  1. Definitely smelt the goodness too little girl.