Friday, April 16, 2010

Toybox Upgrade Complete

I had a toybox that was really neat that all my First Christmas Toys came in, but it was runnin out of room. My Gramps made me this one, which my Mamma loves so much, and I guess I do too. I like how all my toys fit in one place, but this one is heavy! The udder one I used to just tip over, but this one is made outta wood only I'm not allowed to chew on it.
 (I don't think you people understand, I can fit in that toybox)
My favourite day, like evar! is when Mamma stained it outside, so all my toys were just everywhere! That was cool because I just laid on all of them at once. She didn't pick them up and put them away for a whole day. I liked that a lot. I did my zoomie all day outside with Ma, and then came inside to a wonderful assortment of toys and crunch bones all over the place for me to choose from. I tried to play with every single one, at least once, so they wouldn't feel left out. I think I did a good job cuz I pooped myself out!

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