Monday, April 26, 2010

My Hiking Buddy

   This is my Auntie Shirwee, she's my hiking buddy. She comes over sometimes after LOSTday and we go climb mountains and stuff. She is so crazy, she always seems to be touching her face, usually with her middle finger in the way, every time a camera is pointed at her. She would be so mad if she knew Mamma posted her photograph up here for all of my one million (okay, four) followers to see, but she keeps forgetting to ever read my blog so mwahahahahah!
  We like to go to secret places and walk around and smell horse poo, and stuff. Ma takes a lot of pictures, and Auntie Shirwee exercises her middle finger in front of her face. This time though, there were intruders at our secret spot so I had to stay on the leash a lot. That's okay though, cuz look at the view:

1 comment:

  1. Now 5 people have seen her pic LOL. Looks like a great hiking spot:)