Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Favourite Time of Day

Nappy Nap time. Especially Mornin Naptime.
When I first came home, my Mamma had to sit with me, and I would usually sleep on her lap. I think I used to do that cuz I was afraid she'd go somewhere when I wasn't looking. She would call me a perpetual toddler, and I would snore my heart out. But now that I know Mamma isn't gonna leave me, and if she does she will definetly come back, most likely with yummy goodness treats. So now it is easy for me to take my nappy nap anywheres.
  My favourite place as of late is the garden because it has been nice and sunny out. I loves to just lay where I'm not supposed to be and sun myself. When I awaken, I feel rejuvenated, and like I deserve a treat.
 Other times, I go jump up on Ma's bed right after breakfast. Well after breakfast and pee. As you can see in my face of annoyance, I hate my photograph taken, just like Chino did. And, not for nothin, but who actually enjoys having their picture taken while they're sleeping?
   Sometimes we go for a walk right after breakfast, and that is hella fun! But then sometimes we come back from our walk and then we go someplace else, and I'm like "Maaaaaaaaaaa. Can't I has a nap first? Or at least a yummy goodness treat?"
   Sometimes we go to my Nonna's house, and when her stupid poodle dog isn't bothering the hell out of me, I just crash. I can't help it sometimes. I drool, and snore my ass off until I hear the word "treat". That word wakes me up everytime. At that point I am forced to recite the word "REDRUM" over and over again. My Ma laughs and My Nonna goes all "Well, Bless your heart" and then I am rewarded with treats, as I should be.
   Right now I am really pissing Mamma off cuz I am practicing "Redrum" without being prompted so I'm gonna go on a long walk to "tire myself out".
Peace out.

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