Friday, January 8, 2010

Basket O' Rad

Well it has taken me a while to update my blog because I have been so busy playing lately. I have been playing with new toys all the live long day and I just haven't had time for anything else, on account of all these new toys. Between play time and nap time and play time and din-din time and play time, I'm pooped. My first Christmas was super fun. I got a big basket of radness all to myself. The first thing I did was find the yummy goodness treats, they were all the way on the bottom but I'm no dummy, I smelt them. My favourite toy so far is my Hide-A-Squirrel (that's a link, btw) which has squirrels and sometimes cookies in it for me to find and devour.
Then we went to my Aunties house and I got a GINORMOUS bag of more First Christmas goodies. I got a "busy bone" that is supposed to keep me busy for hours, so Ma timed me. "How Long?" you ask. 8 minutes. I am like Jaws and that bone is like swimming people. I eat it all up! I didn't even leave any crumbs.
 My favourite thing to do as of late, is empty all the new toys out of my new basket, and sit on them. This was the best First Christmas ever!
 Well, Mamma keeps putting all my toys back in the toybox which I do not like, so I am going to empty it now. Happy Oh-Ten!

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