Friday, January 29, 2010

My name is Lucca. I live on the second floor.

Welp, My good friends Molly and Packer's Mamma reminded me that I promised to show off my new Rockstar collar. My Ma wanted to get me a new one for Christmas but never did, so I got a pretty pink one for Martin Luther King day, because I am black. When we walk at night nobody can ever see us cuz my Mom and me are so black, so now I got some colour on my collar. Now Mamma is no longer afraid that we will get hit by a car when we walk on the sidewalk at night. Pffft. My Grampa says I look like a f@g but that makes no sense because I am a girl and f@g means cigarette, and that is okay because he Hates when I call him Grampa so now I will do it all the time until he tells me I have a pretty collar. K Gramps?

I also want to tell you about an awesome toy that I have and I love (finally!). It took me a while to check it out but now I loves it. It is called an  Everlasting Treat Ball (<--- that's a link, btw) and you can go click that link to buy your doggie one. I have size large and here is me enjoying the shit out of it. Sometimes I cheat and manipulate the treat out of the ball, but today I'm just going to enjoy the yummy goodness flavour.

Welp, my heater is broken today and it about zero out. There is no temperature outside. It is like colder than a brass titty in a glass house in here and I really do not like the cold. It makes me shiver a lot and my Mamma feels real bad because it is Morning Naptime and I am ready to take a nappy nap but too cold, so my Mamma covered me with about a hundred thousand grand blankets, and now I am better. I feel like a cream puff. 
sweet dreams...

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