Thursday, November 17, 2011

  Welp. My foster puppy Mace went to his furrever home recently. I was pretty upset, and I missed some of the things we used to do.

  He wasn't allowed on the couch during the day, on account of our crazy behavior. We would play all rough like and Mamma thought we would rip up the couch like RRaawwwrrr!
  As soon as the lights were turned off we would have "Night Time Couch Cuddle Time" and he knew he was allowed up on Mamma's lap for pre bedtime naps.

  Sometimes Mace would forget that it's mellow time and headbutt Ma with Hulk like enthusiasm. 
   But real quick he would relax, and we would both sprawl out on Mamma's lap. We liked to see who could snore loudest. 

   Even though I miss my foster puppy, I'm happy that I have Mamma's lap all to myself. I crawl on her with my jab-jab elbows, and she imagines she has four Masons on her with jab-jabby elbows, and then I snore. I crawl in his cage sometimes and sniff his smell, but it's nice to have my Mamma's lap all for me.

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