Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Something Something, It's Always Playtime Now.

Rather serious Mace, and stoked and awesome Me.
Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing awesome, as I'm sure you are! I wanted to introduce you to my foster puppy. He is almost 5 months old, and he is from Welcome, North Carolina. His name is Mason, but we like to call him Mace. His papers say he is a boxer/lab mix, which is code word for pit bull in some places where they put pitties to sleep right away. But we love Pit Bulls here, so he can be a little pittie puppy. He is a rather serious looking fellow sometimes, but just wait and I'll show you his goofy little toothy grin.
   We got along good right away. I had to yell at him a couple times, but he learns. His first night here, he came running up to mamma and jumped on her lap with a Punkinhead claw sticking out of his head. He thinks it is ALWAYS Playtime. Like all the live long day. Sometimes Mamma will put him in the kitchen where his crate is when she can tell I need some quiet time. He is very smart, and when Mamma points to his crate and says "Inside" he goes right away. I get a lot of treats for doing the right things that I've always done, and then he copies me and gets one too and sometimes that pisses me off. He has ripped the bloody guts out of most of my stuffed toys and sometimes that pisses me off too. But I guess he can stay. For a little while.
Goofy Grin.

   He likes to play fetch, which I find to be repetitive and boring, I would rather sniff stuff. But lately it is the funnest thing ever to pretend I'm not interested, and then go steal the ball to show him what a superior creature I am. If I don't rip it to shreds so he can never enjoy it, I lose interest eventually and let him have my slobbery sloppy seconds.

   At first I was a little jealous when he would get on Mamma's lap for night time nap, and steal it. But now I realize it's more comfy at my spot by her feet anyway. Whenever I lay on her she says stuff like "SiameseTwin Needy Dog" and she moves me around muttering things like "Jab-Jab Elbows" and "Covered in Bruises". Unless I want to stare at her face, like when using my Jedi Mind Tricks for example, it's comfier where I can spread out and have my own couch space.
Ma, he's copying me!

   He slept in bed with us for a couple nights. Me on one side of Mamma with a shit-ton of space, and him on the other with minimal space. But Mamma said something about she didn't like waking up with no covers and clinging to the edge of the mattress for dear life cuz someone hogs all the bed and kicks her in the kidneys. Whatever, it worked. So now he sleeps in the kitchen, where his crate is with a bunch of fluffy blankets and music playing very softly. The last couple nights it's been Sade, and I approve of that.
  Today we went to the dog park that never has any dogs playing in it, and had our own little outside party! Our friend Sweetpea joined us and we had a lot of good fun that made us all tired puppies, so Mamma was very happy. Mostly Sweetpea just ran around with the ball and Mace chased her while I got butt rubs from Sweetpea's Dad. Sometimes I think he thinks I'm his Mom. I told him I had my tubes tied, but I would be his foster Mom until he found his forever home, which I hope is as awesome as mine.
Sweetpea is a ball hog.

   We have learned that even though he is crate trained, he hates to be alone. Understandably, since he's already been abandoned by his person before he was even five months old. If he's baby-gated in the kitchen and he doesn't see me, he screams and cries. He doesn't really give a shit about my Mamma being nearby, but he likes me here with him. Even if we are in separate rooms. I think that's nice. So when Mamma goes to the shelter, she pulls my bed out just a little bit so when I lay in it he can see me and I can see him. One time we had to help my Nonna with stuff, and left him gated in the kitchen with toys galore, and Kongs, and tricky puzzle toys, and music! All that amazing wonderful stuff. But he broke out, and had an amazing time ripping apart pillows, shredding scarves, and gutting my stuffed animals, and probably running laps around the house. He was waiting at the door for us with a huge mouthful of colourful feathers, an awesome goofy grin, and such a look of accomplishment that all Mamma could do was clean it up while trying not to laugh.
  Welp, you know that time friends! I gotta go sniff, so I'm telling Mamma that I have to potty and it's an emergency! I'll just sniff a lot, and then do my real pees in about 15 minutes or so after we get back from this walk. I love you all! Light & Love & Belly Rubs!

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