Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Week In Photographs

Mamma doesn't like when we play on her.


  This is Me and Mace playing tug on Mamma. She really hates that crap. Because we are ruining the couch, she has to put blankets and tapestries on it, but that doesn't even really protect it because we play hard core.


This is Mace getting stuck under said tapestry and then pretending he was a ghost. It took him a very long time to unfuck himself, and by then I no longer felt like playing.

   This is what happens when Mamma talks on the phone with Auntie D for five minutes! While I sat on Mamma's lap like a well behaved angel, Mace does puppy crap like bark at the toy box to make the toys come alive and play with him, and then empty the friggen thing.


  This is how I show Mamma that I'm still here when
Mace demands nightime naptime on her lap

   This is not what it looks like. Get. Your. Minds. Out. Of. The. Gutters.


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