Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Just Me and Mamma In The Me & Ma House!

This was Cera's 2 week Home Check. She was very happy!

 Welp. It's just Me and Ma, and the Punkinhead  for about a month now. My foster baby Cera went to her very own family. I handled Cera leaving much better than I did when Mace left. I had a bunch of Aunties here that day, so I had plenty of people who came here just to hold my chin, so I was plenty distracted. We had a fun Last Day together, although I could tell Mamma was weird. We all played at the park, and then the baby took a nap on Mamma's lap, and then her Family came by, and they gave us both treats. My Auntie Sarah was here when they left, so I payed little mind to them because Auntie Sarah is the best Chin Holder! like, ever!.
My Foster Baby had a big brother now, his name is Coop. He's a real nice, big goofball. He came over one time, but I didn't meet him. I sure smelt him, though! My Mamma was very happy to see me "Boop!" him when she went for Cera's Home Check.

   I was there, I got to see my Foster Baby, I did! She lives in a really nice place. We said hello only real quick, so Mamma didn't get any photographs, but I got to see her and tell her I love her, and I will miss her, and I told her to be good. I know she will be, though!

My Mamma was certainly very happy to see Cera, but she was Super! Happy! that Cera was happy to see her. Mamma brought her a new one of her favourite toys, and I think she remembered it. Cera tried to dig a hole in Mamma's lap at first, but then she just decided licking her face was the better thing to do.

Who digs holes in laps??

Mamma was very happy to see that Cera was happy. She will miss her, like woah, and our mornings are nowhere near as hoppy, but we know Cera is in a good, loving home. I sometimes still ballerina for my morning din like I used to when my Foster Puppy was here. It's not that I enjoyed performing before my morning meal, it's just that she did, so I felt like I needed to spin around in a circle, or do some sort of ridiculous half twirl jump thing, just so it would seem I am as excited about this morning time din, just as she was. 

Thinking back, I'm kind of embarrassed that I acted like such a twirly little ballerina. I'm sure Mamma is planning on sharing one of the home videos, just to embarrass me, so because that makes me nervous, I just began assaulting her with silent toot assaults. 

'Scuse Me.

   I'm really going to miss Cera, we became very good friends, and Ma actually seriously considered letting her stay here. I would've been okay with that. Cera's new Mommy said that we can come see her anytime, so someday we will. Even if she didn't really mean it, Ma knows where she lives. So, we could just show up whenever we wanted like "Boo!".

As promised, let me go find the Hoppy Morning Routine Video. Don't judge me.


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