Monday, February 21, 2011

Dog Laughter for my enjoyment!

  I has separation anxiety when my Mamma leaves me home alone. I don't tear shit up (Usually, I did eat a bamboo knitting needle the other day) but I sometimes do little pees around the house. Little pees, like they're forced or scared outta me. When my Mamma gets going I follow her to where she puts up the baby gate and pout, and I'm usually right there waiting when Mamma comes back home. This makes her real sad.
   My Mamma and one of her good friends Mae were talking about my anxiety while she is gone. Auntie Mae let my Mamma borrow a CD of Dog Laughter. The first time I heard it was when Mamma stopped home from a volunteer project, she was already gone for a couple hours at that time. When she put it on, I immediately lay down and put my head on my hands. I was all good. When Mamma got up to leave a few minutes later, I didn't follow her because I was so content. The best part is: When she got home... I was not waiting in the kitchen by the baby gate!
  It is the coolest thing Ma has found for me lately! Even with my Calming Collar, and my chill pills, and my Lucca's Alone Time playlist I still get scared when my Mamma leaves me here alone. This CD has made the most positive difference of them all. If your puppies get scared when you're gone, check out the CD Laughing Dog!!! and see if they relax right away when you play it for them.
  Next addition to my Make-Lucca-More-Comfortable-When-Mamma's-Gone-Arsenal is a  Thundershirt! I'm on my way to chill relaxing time. I will getting caught up on all my Beauty Sleep while Mamma is gone to the shelter. 

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  1. That's great information, Lucca. Lots of doggies are just a wreck while their humans are out. I think Franklin would be in that boat if I weren't here with him, in fact. Of course we'd all prefer if they'd never leave the house without us, but I'm OK as long as they don't leave me somewhere else - like a groomer or the vet. Now that makes me nervous and I do into a bit of a depression for a while afterword.